How to choose a backpack

how to choose a backpack

Finding the perfect backpack can be a real pain, but it is definitely worth the effort. Whether you are a collage student or a professional businessman here are some tips to help you find the ideal backpack. 


Will you take your backpack with you on a weekend hike or do you need something to go to work with? There are a lot of aspects to keep in mind and a vast variety of products to choose from. 

Are you the kind of person who has mini heart attacks every day thinking you have lost your keys? Get a bag with an easily accessible pocket.

Do you live in a crowded city where thefts need to be thought of? Choose an anti-theft backpack or one with a lock just to make sure. 

Are you a social media addict? Go for a backpack with an USB charger so you won’t run out of battery. We all know it happens at the worst times.


Backpacks are not what they used to be. Whether you’re elegant or sporty, young or a bit older you will find something that compliments your outfit. 

The style quite often depends on the purpose. While casual backpacks come in many colours and patterns, business backpacks tend to be more neutral coloured. When choosing the right backpack keep in mind that backpacks are accessories that can make an outfit ten times better (or worse). The safe and most versatile option is to go for something black or grey, however, don’t be afraid to go for bright pink if that’s your style. 


Once again, think what you need the backpack for. If you know you only need one so you don’t carry all your essentials in your pocket don’t go for the backpack that could carry all the stuff that’s needed for a weekend getaway! 

Do you keep your laptop in your bag? Double check if you have a 15 or a 17 col one. Make sure you get the right size so you don’t need to carry a bulky rucksack with no specific reason. 

Size isn’t the only thing that matters! Most of us just shove everything into our bags and end up finding used tissues and old notes months later wishing we were more organised. Once you find the right backpack those times are over! Sloths for pens? Pockets for your wallet 


If you’re out on a hike it is obviously vital that your stuff doesn’t get soaked if it starts raining, but water resistance is an important aspect for more and more people. You might be fine in Australia but if you live in London you’d better get a water resistant backpack. Anyway, a little extra money is worth keeping your gadgets safe. 


It’s the little things that make your life easier. Whether it’s a place on the strap for your sunglasses, extra padding or a cute logo that makes you happy, get it! Of course you have a budget, but backpacks are an investment. After a good purchase you’re unlikely to go out looking for a new one in the near future. Choose wisely, even if it means spending a little more.