Story of Anti-theft Backpacks

water resistant secure backpack

A backpack makes it easy for you to move around with your belongings. However, you are probably familiar with the risks it poses while you are out in congested and busy streets. You valuables may be intact but still vulnerable to theft. Nothing is more worrying than having to secure the backpack all the time.

It is pointless to carry your belongings and always keep alert to protect them. Constantly thinking about the safety of the contents in your backpack is hectic and distracting. This is why it is necessary to get a backpack with anti-theft enhanced features. 

Due to convenience and security, the backpack has evolved over the years. The latest features offer a wide variety of amenities that help to improve your experience. When looking to purchase a good backpack, you need background knowledge of the benefits and amenities.

Ant-Theft Features

The security of belongings is a big concern for travelers. You may be carrying valuable items of sentimental essence or crucial work-related equipment like a laptop. Rise in security especially in crowded areas of cities makes your items vulnerable to mischievous criminals. You do not want to expose your valuables as an easy target to thieves. With a rise of crime in our streets, there is increased risk of losing items to common pickpockets. Bump-and-swipe is common in congested areas like terminuses whether of foot or in a train; is very common.

Protection features act as your personal bodyguard. They relieve from the stress of having to think about your content’s safety. To enjoy your travel experience without distractions, find out the security features of your backpack to make use of them. They will help boost your confidence and focus on the activities of your travel. 


Some of the protection features in anti-theft backpacks include a stealth zipper construction. It is built to be strong enough to resist penetration.

Some anti-theft zippers are cumbersome and hinder the ease of access to contents in the bag.  These systems are designed to slow down a stealing process. However, they affect the owner too. They make it difficult to reach your valuables when you need them. If the security system is in your way, it will frustrate you. 

The best anti-theft backpacks make it easy for the owner while making it difficult for a thief at the same time. For example, the zipper could be hidden and locked away from strangers but easy to find and open when needed.

Pocket Arrangement

Although anti-theft backpacks resemble ordinary backpacks, they have hidden features that make them secure. For example, they are of similar sizes extending the entire length of your back. Anti-theft backpacks however, have rigid edges. Most importantly, they come fitted with extra pocket spaces in the interior wall of the bags. These pockets expand the roominess of the products.

The extra pockets come in various sizes. They are designed to balance out weight within the bag when full. They are also enhanced with foam to absorb shock. You can be confident about the safety of your valuables when the bag is jostled, tossed, tumbled, or dropped in a vigorous environment. The extra pockets also make it difficult for a thief to figure out where the valuables are placed. Only the owner knows the position of the extra pockets and can easily find whatever they need.


A multi-purpose bag keeps your valuables safe by avoiding frequent removal and exposure of the items. For example, with a USB charger port enabled, you do need to pull out your devices to charge them. You may also listen to music directly from the devices inside the bag using an extended headphone plug-in feature. This way, you will not be exposing the devices to potential thieves as you travel.

The top handle can also transform the backpack into a bag. If you need to change positions after getting weary, turn them into an ordinary bag. The handles are strong to support the bag with full weight. 


Anti-theft backpacks are made of strong and tough material For example, most of them use slash proof material. They help to make the product impenetrable by easy equipment like blades. Most importantly, anti-theft bags are thick to avoid easy access to the content. Apart from denying reachability, this material also plays the role of cushioning the contents. 

RFID Protection

RFID protection helps to insulate a new-age brand of electronic pickpocketing. Vulnerable items include; credit cards, passports, and electronic drivers’ licenses. They have radio-frequency identification chips make these items detectable by mischievous. 


To get confidence in the security of your contents, it is important to check out the protective features of your backpack. It is not enough that you zipped up the contents because you will still be thinking about their safety. The latest designs have improved anti-theft features that you should consider. They will help to free you from the distraction of thinking about it. An anti-theft backpack has many security features to benefit from. All you need to do is learn how to take advantage of the features. They are also rugged and built to last longer than ordinary backpacks. Durability and longevity makes the products a worthy need and wise use of your money.